Aura Easy Flow Refill

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Aura Easy Flow Refill

1 Syringe

Smart features for every layer of use

Aura Easyflow is a light-cured flowable composite, optimized to provide the right features for every layer of use. 

Established nanohybrid filler system

Aura Easyflow is based on the optimal filler technology utilised in the successful Aura range of composites. Its nanohybrid filler system defines its versatility for multiple clinical needs to ensure high strength and natural aesthetics.

Optimal flow for cavity adaptation

Producing conservative restorations that preserve the tooth, often leads to structural irregularities on cavity walls. A flowable composite must adapt into every irregularity to form a complete seal at the tooth-restorative interface. 

Strong mechanical properties

Aura Easyflow’s strength asserts its use as a versatile restorative material. With an impressive compressive strength of 421MPa, Aura Easyflow’s ability to withstand forces of mastication, meets that of conventional composites and is superior in the flowable composite category.