Ggingival retractors and hemostatics- Hemostank

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Hemostatic for topical use
Gingival retractors and hemostatics Hemostank

HEMOSTANK is a hemostatic for topical use, indicated to promote the gum removal before the realizations of moldings. Contains Aluminium Chloride in it’s composition that acts mainly as astringent. It is considered safe and efficient. The tissue after moved away come back in it’s normal condition. Does not interfere in the molding materials setting and can be used by cardiac patients due the epinephrine absence.



  • Effective control of bleeding without interfering with the prey of impression materials;
  • Lack of epinephrine;
  • It does not stain the hard and/or soft tissues;
  • It has great astringent action, allowing clear impressions without causing gingival retraction;
  • Safe and effective.