Ghenesyl putty silicone

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Dental practice silicone Ghenesyl Putty

GHENESYL is a new generation and highly accurate addition curing polivinilsiloxane silicone even in a wet setting. Available with diverse viscosities and hardness GHENESYL is adaptable to different impression techniques.
A longer working time (if compared to other A-siliconce) increase the product workability. At the same time, a short in mouth setting time are guarantee for the patient.
Dental practice silicone GHENESYL easily adapts to the anatomycal shape of dental structures and soft tissues, thus reproducing perfectly integral margins. The innovative GHENESYL Kit is the ideal solution for all of those who use A-silicone exclusively for a specific requirement and wish to always have a fresh batch of material without wasting unused expired material. Putty Soft and Hard putties are available with low viscosity.
The following 4 diferrent types of second impression material are also available: Light, Superlight, Regular e Heavy, all in cartridges of 50ml for both putty-wash and sandwich techniques. GHENESYL REGULAR is an excellent material for use with the mono-phase technique.


A color code makes each product easy to identify:


⬤  Putty soft
⬤  Putty hard


⬤  Superlight body
⬤  Light body
⬤  Regular body
⬤  Heavy body