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1- More Economical, Water & Dust Resistant. Perfect Size - one exposure is enough for the entire molar.3- 4.8mm Thickness - Comfortable enough for patients.
4- High image Quality.
5. Unique Design - More Ergonomic and robust cable connection.


Eighteeth NanoPix E RVG Sensor – Size-1.3 is an advanced imaging system that utilizes the latest detector technology to deliver high-quality images. It is designed with an APS CMOS detector that ensures fast, accurate and high-resolution imaging. The scintillator used in the Nanopix-E 1.3 is the CSL, which is known for its high light output and excellent energy resolution. The combination of these two technologies ensures that the system delivers exceptional image quality.The active area of the Nanopix-E 1.3 provides a large imaging area for capturing a wide range of samples.The system is also equipped with a USB 2.0 data interface, which allows for fast and easy transfer of data to a computer or other device.