WoodPecker Light cure High Intensity

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Light Cure-1600mw


🍃1.Technical specifications: 
🍃1.1Dimensions: 25mm×25mm×240mm 
🍃1.2 Net weight: 280g 
🍃1.3 Power source 
🍃1.3.1 Power supply: rechargeable Lithium battery 
🍃1.3.3 Battery voltage and capacity: 3.7V/ 1400mAh,Battery has protection against Over-voltage, over-current and short circuit. 
🍃1.3.4 Adapter Power Input: 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60 Hz Input Power: 10VA Power Output: DC5V/1A 
🍃2. Operation: 
🍃2.1 Press the mode button. Following two modes are available. 
🍃2.1.1 TURBO Mode: screen shows P1, Press the time button to select of time which could be 1 and 3 seconds.Its output light intensity is about 1800 mW/c㎡-2300mW/cm2 
🍃2.1.2 NORMAL Mode: screen shows P2, Press the time button to select of time which could be 5,10 ,15and 20 seconds.Its output light intensity is about 1000 mW/c㎡-1200 mW/c㎡ 
🍃2.2 During the operation, put the disposable sleeve on the top of the main unit, aim the top at the correct position, press the ON/OFF button and the main unit will produce "Bi" sound, the curing light radiates blue light and starts working according to the set modes. Meanwhile, it starts counting down and will produce tone at every 5 seconds, it stops working when counting down to "0". 
🍃2.3 During operation, the blue light can be stopped by press the power button at any time. (Dental Equipment Dubai supplies- Light Cure)
🍃2.4 After a working cycle, operator can press the ON/OFF switch to start another working cycle. Stop operating if the equipment began to heat obviously, do not restart until the equipment cool down. Suggest continues working cycle less than 10 times. 
🍃2.5 Low power detective circuit is fixed inside of the main unit, when low power is detected, the display screen of main unit will wink, please charge in time.

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