MTA Angelus 1 gm

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Angelus MTA White 1 G (Bioceramic Reparative Cement) 

Description: MTA Angelus is a super treatment for accidents and endodontic complecations

Product description:
Bioceramic reparative cement

- Treatment of perforations of root canal and furcation caused iatrogenically or by caries lesion
- Via canal treatment of root perforation due to internal resorption
- Surgical treatment of root perforation due to internal resorption
- Periapical surgery with reverse filling
- Pulp capping
- Pulpotomy (removal of affected coronal pulp to preserve vitality of remaining pulp tissue)
- Apexogenesis (induction of root development in vital teeth with an inflamed coronal pulp)
- Apexification (induction of formation of a mineralized barrier at the root tip of young permanent teeth with incomplete root development and a necrotic pulp)

- Ions Calcium Release: Enhances formation of mineralized tissues; provides biological seal of perforations and total repair of damaged periradicular tissues
- Biological action: Capable of inducing neoformation of periradicular cementum
- Easy to use: does not lose properties due to moisture of oral tissues
- High alkalinity: Bactericidal
- Low solubility: Does not disintegrate
- Biocompatible to oral tissues: Low inflamatory response
- Adequate compressive strength: Can be used as base restoration material
- More radiopaque than dentin and bone: Easy radiograph visibility
- Setting time of 15 minutes: Possibility of immediate restoration