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SOGA-I laser Ⅰ (Desktop laser)

More than just a simple diode lasers

Personal laser device

No external power cords or laser firing pedals are required during use, maximizing mobility and portability. (You can also connect a laser launch pedal, there are two modes to choose freely)

The built-in long-life lithium battery can last for one month on a single charge.

SOGA-I laser Ⅰ(Desktop laser)

Easy to operate, every one can learn to use it.

Start up without waiting, use it immediately;

More than 10 built-in clinical indication parameter templates can automatically save your settings, which is simple and saves your time.

Pay attention to every little detail of use - the handle switch and the laser firing foot switch are compatible for operation.

The handle is removable and also autoclavable. Handpiece has power adjustment button, which makes it easy to operate. Laser switch buttons ensure maximum safety.

SOGA-I laser Ⅰ (Desktop laser)

Typical applications of stomatology Oral surgery

Abscess, crown elongation, fibroma, labioglossectomy, gingival resection, gingival plasty, leukoplakia, mucocele, secondary implant exposure, orthodontic eruption, gingival retraction.

SOGA-I laser Ⅰ (Desktop laser)


Sterilization of root canal and pulp amputation.

SOGA-I laser Ⅰ (Desktop laser)

Laser therapy

Oral ulcer, herpes, periimplantitis, temporomandibular arthritis, hemostasis and coagulation, tooth whitening.

SOGA-I laser Ⅰ (Desktop laser)


Curettage of periodontal pocket and periodontal sterilization.

Technology specification

SOGA-I laser Ⅰ (Desktop laser)

Wave length: 980 nm

Laser power: 0.5W-8W

Emission mode: Continuous mode and pulse mode

Laser type: Type IV, InGAsP diode laser

Optic fiber diameter: 200/400 um

User interface: OLED display screen

Aiming laser wave length: 650nm

Aiming laser power: <2mW

Dimension: 190mm xl55mmx260mm

Weight: 150g

Work power supply: built-in rechargeable lithiumion battery