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VioPaste is a Calcium Hydroxite paste, which contains Barium Solfate and is used as a highly effective root canal filling material, by dentists. One of the key points to this product is the powerful anti-bacterial effect it applies to the root canal.



VioPaste can stimulate the root development or treat open apex of the teeth, when used for an apexification procedure. Dentists can utilize this root canal filling material for pulp capping, filling for exudation control, root resorption.

Removal and cleaning of the Calcium Hydroxite paste is easy as it has excellent water solubility. Additionally the VioPaste has a strong anti-bacterial effect, with high pH, and is very biocompatible.

The filling material is very flowable, has high level of radiopacity and the syringe is quite simple to handle.


  1. Before the dentist starts, they should check the root canal for inhibition of exudation
  2. Start filling the canal from the apex, then retract the syringe tip from it, while still proceeding at uniform speed; backfill the canal space only to its orifice
  3. Note: the canal should not be filled with the VioPaste beyond the apical foramen, or you may cause pain/discomfort for the patient, resulting in having to remove the filling material
  4. Once finished, remove the application tip from the syringe and place the protective cap back on
  5. Always store the canal filling materials in dry and cool places