Wireless Endo Motor

Sale price Dhs. 350.00 Regular price Dhs. 800.00


1)      Cordless endo motor, compact, flexible and easy to operate;

2)      LCD display with LED backlight, easy to discern at any angle;

3)      Original imported medical brushless motor;

4)      Four kinds of gear ratio are selectable. Rotation speed and torque are both adjustable;

5)      Program memory function: it can store nine kinds of commonly used gear ratio, rotation speed and torque according to different clinical needs;

6)      Three automatic control modes: Auto Stop, Stop after Auto Reverse, Forward after Auto Reverse;

7)      1:1, 10:1, 16:1, 20:1 mini contra angles are compatible. Standard configuration is 16:1;

8)      Comes standard with two large-capacity Li-ion batteries, easy to replace, to avoid the main unit can not be used in the case of charging.