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The Woodpecker PT5 is the ultimate ultrasonic device that consistently delivers fast, professional and minimal-invasive scaling, polishing and periodontal treatments comfortably for the patient. The PT5 utilizes titanium tips in an elliptical (circular) motion which are more comfortable and flexible during treatment. The PT5 built-in technology allows the impact force between the tip and the teeth to be automatically adjusted for maximum comfort. The PT5 automatically increases power when resistance at the tip increases and automatically decreases power when resistance at the tip decreases. All this combines to give an intelligent and intuitive technology that respects the tooth's natural structure. No Pain! Less stress for you and the patient. This is not just another scaler, but the best.


  • The PT5 has a standard ultrasonic mode and also an endo mode, which can easily be changed with the touch of a button.
  • The unit has a multi-functional waterproof touch-panel interface with blue LED lights to regulate the power & irrigation settings with ease.
  • The PT5 has 12 power increment levels to choose from with intuitive touch and feel to easily adapt to individual clinical requirements.
  • Automatic water supply system has 20ml marks and is usable with hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine. Easy to change water.
  • Handpiece is ergonomic, has LED light, sterilizable and comes with two handpieces for maximum efficacy. Woodpecker Piezo LED light dramatically improves operator visibility. It reduces the risk of accidental injury and increases precision and safety in scaling. The detachable handpieces can also be autoclaved to prevent cross infection.
  • Amplitude 20-60um, frequency 2800Hz, treatment depth 14mm.
  • Eliminates the need for tedious and uncomfortable hand scaling and does not injure cementum.