Collection: Spident


SPIDENT CO., LTD. was founded in 1997 as manufacturers of the finest quality Gutta Percha Points and Absorbent Paper Points sold around the world.

In Nov. of 2004, the establishment of the research institute for dental chemicals launched its full operation of manufacturing and marketing its dental meterial lines certified by the CE (MMD), FDA, JPAL, and the ISO.

Spident USA was established in Fort Lee, New Jersey to bring great products that is currently used all over Europe and Asia for the past 15 years. Since April of 2012, Spident USA worked with FDA to receive its 501K summary so that Dentists all over America can benefit from using our products

SPIDENT CO., LTD. independently operates all the processes of R&D, Quality Control, Product Design and Marketing, and the fienst Customer Service, all aimed at your 100% satisfaction guarantee.