Disinfectant-Pd Creosote

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Disinfectant-PD Creosote

Swiss Quality



Beechwood Creosote


 Disinfectant PD Creosote is composed chiefly of Guaiacol and Creosol and is used for its antiseptic and analgesic actions. It is applied topically, preferably in diluted solutions either in alcohol or in an essential oil.


> Disinfection of the root-canal

> Treatment of putrescent infections, stomatitis

> Pain-relief after extraction

Directions for use pipe use a plasticpipette  or a cotton pellet to apply adroplet of the solution to the area to be treated



Do not swallow Disinfectant. Avoid contact with skin or oral mucous. Where necessary, rinse abundantly with water.



Store at room temperature between 5° and 30°C, protected from direct light


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