Prophylaxis Jar(340gm)

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•  Splatter Free
•  Contains Xylitol
•  Gluten Free


•  Dye Free
•  Fluoride Free & Dye Free
•  Fluoride Free


Product Description

Qartz is a prophylaxis paste with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents. This blend maximizes stain removal while minimizing enamel loss. It helps maintain an effective fluoride level, strengthening tooth enamel and preventing dental caries. Our unique heavy viscosity makes our paste “splatter free”. It rinses easily and consistently.

Additional Information:

Our paste contains:

•  Xylitol: this is an ideal ingredient for caries prevention. This ingredient is specific in its inhibition of the mutans streptococci group, bacteria that are significant contributors to tooth decay. It is safe for diabetics and individuals with hyperglycemia.