Transparent crowns

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Transparent crowns

Developed to provide a perfect dental anatomy to the restoration, minimizing the need for finishing adjustments. Indicated for temporary and/or permanent restorations in anterior and posterior teeth.


Features and Benefits

– Different shapes and sizes, providing a perfect adaptation
–  Simple and fast application
– Do not react with the composites, even as, with bis-acrylic and acrylic resins
– Allows light cure through the crown due to its transparency, maintaining the tooth anatomy
– Non-stick, for an easy removal
– Available for anterior and posterior teeth, permanent and deciduous


The transparent Crowns produced by TDV are available for deciduous and for permanent teeth; in 3 different sizes per tooth for the anterior region and in two sizes for the posteriors. Made of an especial composition of materials that makes them totally transparent and it doesn't get any chemical reaction with any of the resins used in dentistry.
 4151- Anterior Crowns – 64 un.
4152 - Posterior Crowns - 64 un.
4153 - Deciduous Crowns - 64 un.
4154 - Anterior Deciduous Crowns – 54 in