VioPex Canal Filling Material

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VioPex can be used for temporary dental filling of the root canal. A reliable and effective solution, this filling contains Calcium Hydroxide (pre-mixed) and Iodoform. The product can be noted for being fat-soluble and like the other products from the same series – anti-bacterial in its effect.

Utilization of the VioPex is primarily involving apexification, but it can also be used for checking for irregular shape of the root canal. Additional application includes pulp capping and root resorption procedures.

How to use:

  1. Carefully start filling the root canal starting from the apex
  2. Maintain a constant speed of filling
  3. Limit the filling process to the orifice
  4. VioPex can cause patients discomfort and pain is excess amount is used – be mindful of the used quantity and do not go beyond the apical foramen
  5. Once the procedure is complete, put the disposable tip off and place the cap of the syringe back on
  6. Store the syringe of the paste in a cool and dry environmen